Introduction to the role of logistics electronic lock

As every person is aware of items in the logistics and transport method management and cargo defense difficulties are the most interest, Hisamichi truck electronic lock is produced to resolve the trucking goods in accordance to software in accordance to journey Intelligent Electronic Lock security to spot, and full deal with of products fundamental protection.

  Application scope of digital lock for lengthy truck: 
Ideal for transporting objects to the trip spot after cargo. Lengthy truck digital lock with contemporary working day details technology for the proprietor to offer a complete variety of fear cost-free of charge cargo secured transportation encounter.
  Long truck digital lock 2 main functions 1 the operator can before the arrival of the products at the area, the freight car management platform or App at any time truck trail, monitoring the transport of products, to keep abreast of the freight car and the cargo in the logistics and transportation process of goods in transit and fundamental protection related info.
  2 non standard triggers any hold off, alter route of non normal causes, there are unauthorized helps make an try to steal goods these types of as truck digital lock by way of truck steward system or Software can be immediately identified to consider corresponding protecting actions. In obtain to increase the precision and timeliness of transport of products and assure the protection of products.
  3 authentic time alarm carry out when the truck electronic lock is not certified to pry the lock electronic lock will be legitimate-time by way of the produced-in GSM module alarm to the historical past, to stay away from the drop of merchandise.
  Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the chilly chain transportation container checking, distant examining, getting concrete car scheduling administration, gas utilization checking and management, monitoring and administration of mobile property is the industry’s top resolution companies and operators.

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